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The Negative Effect of Social Media on Mental Health.

Hey there! Have you been feeling depressed, anxious, low self-esteem and cursing your life that it should have been different just like other people on Social Media? Does it affect your Mental Health? Does Social media affect my Mental Health? Totally. I've been on Social Media since a very long time now and was an… Continue reading The Negative Effect of Social Media on Mental Health.

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Everybody is beautiful!

Hello, Everybody, It's been a while since you heard from me. I meant to write about this topic for a long time now. I've been super busy with work and everything. I was actually on a social media break and couldn't complete this post, but finally, It's done! Today's topic is about physical insecurities. Let… Continue reading Everybody is beautiful!

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Do you ever feel like?

Do you ever feel like that you are worthless? Do you keep comparing yourselves with others? Do you ever feel that you are so ugly that no one likes to look it you ? Do you ever feel unloved ? Do you keep waiting for your crush to text you but you never receive one… Continue reading Do you ever feel like?