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Do you ever feel like?

Do you ever feel like that you are worthless?

Do you keep comparing yourselves with others?

Do you ever feel that you are so ugly that no one likes to look it you ?

Do you ever feel unloved ?

Do you keep waiting for your crush to text you but you never receive one because he is not into you? LOL.

Do you make weird decisions like cutting off your long hair and then cry and regret? Haha.

Do you ever feel like you are just trying and trying and trying but nothing is going the way it should?

Do you ever feel left out from your favorite circle of people?

Do you get negative vibes every damn single day ?

Do you feel that you have made the biggest mistake in your career?

Do you ever feel your life is not worth living?

Well, I don’t know about the others but these all things have been happening to me lately and I just don’t know what to do and how to get through it. In my previous posts I have been telling that talk to your trust ones or try to seek help from doctors, but lately my life has become so much hell that I don’t even know what’s happening or what to tell others because you know what I mean like even I don’t know what is going on.

It’s strange. I have always been a strong one. Like even if there is a thing going down I kept a smile on my face to cover all the sadness but now I just can’t take it anymore. Since the day I started understanding what life is I’ve been struggling and going through ups and downs.

It is also the responsibility of the family and friends to check on their close one whether they are okay or not because not everyone have the strength to come out and discuss the issues.

And sadly I’m one of them.

PS. I had my exams and after that I started working, it’s been really hectic lately and I couldn’t give much time to write new blog post.

Good vibes to you all 🙂


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