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I am no longer…

“I am no longer…”

I am really happy to share that I no longer get depressed from things those used to haunt me.

I no longer feel threatened by people.

I no longer allow my anxiety to make me sad.

I no longer let my anger make wrong decisions.

I no longer cry for stupid things.

I no longer feel self conscious about myself. I even smile with my teeth showing, haha.

I no longer have a wall in between me and my friends/family. I communicate with them about everything and they understand me so well.

I no longer believe after every happy moment, something really bad is going to happen.

I no longer let people drag me down. I fight back.

I no longer dress up to please others or according to them.

I no longer post pictures on Social Media to get noticed.

I no longer let negative thoughts eat my happiness.

I no longer compare myself with others. Because I have finally realized everyone is different. Beautiful and unique in their own way.

I am no longer the impatient person I used to be and makes me so happy that I can have so much of patience.

I am no longer waiting for my crush to notice me.

I am no longer Jealous of others.

I just try to find happiness in everything.

Even when something bad happens, I always hope something really good is going to happen.

I am still that girl who finds happiness in making everyone happy, but while finding myself I’ve become selfish. And I’m really thankful for that.

I think everyone has demons. But in my case I had none. It was just in my brain.

When a really important relationship in your life breaks, something inside you break as well and it takes time to heal.

Mine took 2 years.

But I’m really happy about being my old self.

Love, Anamika.

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