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Bathmophobia – The Fear of Stairs

Dear All,

Today’s blog post is about my fear of Stairs.

So this all started when I was going through a really bad phase of my life. I was dealing with depression and anxiety issues. Were having panic attacks.

My fear actually started 3 years ago. I was really sick and had my semester exams at that time. I couldn’t afford to miss the exams, so I had no option but to take trains for the exams. That means I had to take the stairs as well.

So while I was coming down from the stairs at a railway station, I had a panic attack. I didn’t know what to do. My friend somehow saved me from falling down the stairs but, the fear of getting down from the staircases started that day.
And that fear of falling has kept increasing every passing day.

Going up is fine. Coming down the stairs is a bit dizzying. I cannot climb without having any support or else my legs start to shake so badly from the fear I cannot even explain.

While this thing was happening to me, I started feeling weird. I started to question myself. Is something wrong with me? I didn’t understand what was happening, didn’t know why I was starting to get so anxious about the damn staircases, but recently I found out people actually suffer from this phobia. This is all natural fear about climbing stairs and this type of fear is called Bathmophobia.

And Bathmophobia has made my life difficult.

Please feel free to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below.

Love, Anamika.

PS: This beautiful picture is captured by my friend Apurva Kanitkar.

20 thoughts on “Bathmophobia – The Fear of Stairs”

  1. I don’t experience this fear but I have some others fears such as for needles or being in a crowded place. We all have them. You are not alone 💗 It’s so brave of you for telling us.

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  2. Does this fear manifest with open stairs, where you can see straight down to the ground? A little trick I use, is to look forward as I descend. It seems to work, and I haven’t fallen yet… It does help allay the wobbly legs.

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  3. Thank you for sharing your experience. It’s never easy to share a phobia that seems small for others but major for you without feeling judged so I applaud you for being brave to share this. I have major claustrophobia and a phobia of cluster of holes. ( I don’t even want to google the term because I’m scared the pictures would pop up). There were times where I passed out from being in a small room full of people. I had to excuse myself and literally made it to the bathroom and I sat on the floor until I felt okay again. At school I was studying to become a vet tech and we had a demonstration on autopsy and we had to gather around and I had people standing shoulder to shoulder to me on both side and I couldn’t move and that gave me such a panic attack that my lips turned white and I had to sit down. People assumed it’s the autopsy but really I was having a panic attack…

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    1. Thank you for your appreciation.❤️
      Yes, it took a lot to even write about it. It’s just sad sometimes people don’t get how difficult it is to overcome such issues and they start assuming people with phobia as cowards. I literally don’t get such kind of people. We need to support each other. And please remember you are not alone. You are really very brave. I hope you overcome your fears someday. God bless you. 💕

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