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Everybody is beautiful!

Hello, Everybody,

It’s been a while since you heard from me. I meant to write about this topic for a long time now. I’ve been super busy with work and everything. I was actually on a social media break and couldn’t complete this post, but finally, It’s done!

Today’s topic is about physical insecurities. Let me clear one thing; I’ve never been the one to feel insecure about my body. Everyone has some insecurities like how you look (I was one of them) or how their body, height, nose, and hair looks. It’s really cruel and disgusting to body shame someone who has no control over their body or doesn’t really want to change anything about it.

No one can control their height or the type of hair they have or the shape of their nose or how their body is. People really should start minding their own business. How easy it is for these bullies to comment negatively. They don’t care what the other person is going through or about their mental health. If you think the person is fat or thin or anything please keep it to yourself, no one asked for your special comment, you idiots.

One of my friends experienced body shaming. It really broke my heart to see her lose her confidence. So recently her ex-boyfriend broke up with her because he wasn’t physically attracted to her. Apparently, she is too thin for him. After 2 years of a relationship that moron just realized this and his words were cruel. One of her guy friends commented some like this – “I think you never had sex because you don’t have ass and boobs.”, yes, he said that. She has been body shamed for a long time now because of her weight. It’s not that easy to gain weight or lose weight. Every body type is different. She has been trying everything she can to gain some weight, but she just can’t. It’s difficult for her to gain weight. Her self-esteem dropped due to the constant negative comments she received from her friends and even family about her weight.

Everyone really needs to understand that this topic is very sensitive. Many of my male and female friends have rejected others because that person was too thin or too fat for them. Yes, I hate them too for this. Body shaming is WRONG. No one should go through it. It can destroy someone’s confidence and self-esteem.

You need to get over these novels and movies where everyone is perfect, lol.

These things can affect someone’s mental health. Maintaining or caring for one’s body is a very personal thing and each has a right to taking care of it the way they see fit. As long as they are happy with it, it shouldn’t matter what others think. After all, it’s the skin you wear 24×7 and if you can live with it, others should too. Commenting negatively on it is not cool. It’s disgusting. Accept the person as they are or look or just leave. You have no say in someone’s personal choices.

I think people really should stop listening to others, you don’t need someone to make you feel beautiful or make you see your worth. They talk about you because they are thinking about you, checking you out and can’t stand that you are so awesome. That’s the reason they choose such cruel words to torture you and your confidence. It’s the jealousy talking. It’s very important to be comfortable with yourself and accept how you look. Every ‘body’ is beautiful. Learn to love and be comfortable in your skin. Let the positive vibes inside. Being comfortable with yourself is the way to be happy.

Try and put yourself in the other person’s shoes, think before you speak. Understand the difference between body shaming & helping in a constructive way. Offer solicited advice instead of stating the obvious. A negative comment doesn’t take time to snowball into a festering thought. Hence be mindful and understand that body shaming affects the mind as much as it affects the body.

Thanking for reading. Have a good day!

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