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The Negative Effect of Social Media on Mental Health.

Hey there!

Have you been feeling depressed, anxious, low self-esteem and cursing your life that it should have been different just like other people on Social Media? Does it affect your Mental Health?

Does Social media affect my Mental Health? Totally.

I’ve been on Social Media since a very long time now and was an addict just like most others. Used to compare my life. Social media platforms can affect individuals in many ways.

Agreed, Social media is one of the most effective ways for promoting products, issues, mental illnesses, it spreads awareness and offers support for anyone struggling with issues on their mental health, but sadly it’s one of the causes of mental health issues. To be honest, we shall practice patience and control. Aren’t we the one who trusts, social media more than a real person?

Do you compare yourself with someone, you saw on social media and found them perfect? No one is perfect, everyone is beautiful in their own way. We need to learn control. Social Media is a powerful platform. It has caused depression, anxiety, personality disorders, low self-esteem, etc.

Bullying each other on Social Media has become something like a ritual to people. It can happen very easily through comments or messages sent to a person. Commenting on someone’s looks, personality, etc. I think celebrities suffer from them too. We do not own them. Is it so hard to accept that they have their own life, they can do whatever they want, marry whoever they like. It’s none of our business. I really get creeped out how fans make it so personal. It’s really unhealthy to get so obsessed with others on social media. Also, stop taking comments personally. You know you are not what they think or say about you. Log out. Just move on. I don’t think deleting or de-activating the account on social media shows that you are weak and can’t take the backlash. If it makes you feel good, do it. It’s showing you don’t give a crap about it. A number of followers/friends, likes, comments, views do not decide your worth.

I think we should spend a limited amount of time on applications such as Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, etc. as it has proved enough at this point how this can negatively affect our mental health.

It took me a lot of time, but I’m finally there. I haven’t checked my Snapchat in months now. I’m not much active on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter these days. I have stopped caring about how my social media image looks or how many followers/friends I have.

Some of the ways that helped me get over this addiction are:

  1. Reading Books.
  2. Watching Movies/Series/Documentary.
  3. Meeting more and more people.
  4. Playing sports and yoga.

Thanks for reading. Have a good day ! 🙂

4 thoughts on “The Negative Effect of Social Media on Mental Health.”

  1. Its hard to get off of social media when your job is to promote your reviews and your blog but nevertheless I still find time to shut off my computer or put Down my phone and enjoy life a little! It’s crazy how much social media can affect your mental health !

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