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My Love!

Hey everyone, it’s been a long time. Hope you all are doing well.

I don’t know what makes you happy, but my precious little angel makes me the happiest; I mean not just her, but dogs just do it for me. I find myself much happier with dogs than with any human being. Don’t know whether it’s their selflessness or unconditional love or those cute little puppy eyes that make me want to do anything for them. Honestly, I’m an animal person. I love all animals, but dogs just take the first spot, no argument.

1 month old dolly.

My little angel is the strongest living thing I know. She has been suffering from Thyroid (which is stable for now) and we just recently found out she has some serious liver issue. In short, 50 percent of her liver does not work properly or you can say it’s almost not working. It was the saddest day when we found out.

7 years old.

After her 4th birthday, she never stopped having her periods. There used to be blood when she used to pee. It was because of the thyroid (also note that her thyroid is stable now so the bleeding has stopped completely). So, if your dogs have the same symptoms or you feel like something is off, please take them to the vet. Do not wait for something to happen.

At first, doctors thought it was just the thyroid, but then we noticed she started to get pimples at her belly, and she started to sleep only on her one side of the body. We did sonography and found out she has a liver issue which is very common in terriers. We had to change her diet and medicines completely.

4 years old dolly.

Dolly’s situation was completely different though as she used to walk less because of her weight (she is a little fat as she has the thyroid) and sleeps a lot (she loves to sleep a lot ever since she was a kid), so, we and even doctors thought it was nothing more than that. So, we couldn’t understand it sooner. It’s getting better, though. Obviously, her liver won’t be the same, and we can’t cure it, but we can definitely stop it from growing. I’m really thankful to god as my little baby so active these days.

We still regret not finding it out sooner. It just hurt so much to even think of how much pain she was in.

Keep them happy and safe, they are the best gift ever to this Mother Earth.

5 years old.

Also, if any of you have the same situation or was in one, please let me what are the measures you are/were taking and how effective it is. ❤



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