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The Negative Effect of Social Media on Mental Health.

Hey there! Have you been feeling depressed, anxious, low self-esteem and cursing your life that it should have been different just like other people on Social Media? Does it affect your Mental Health? Does Social media affect my Mental Health? Totally. I've been on Social Media since a very long time now and was an… Continue reading The Negative Effect of Social Media on Mental Health.

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Everybody is beautiful!

Hello, Everybody, It's been a while since you heard from me. I have meant to write about this topic for a long time now. I've been super busy with work and everything. I was actually on a social media break and couldn't complete this post, but finally, It's done! Today's topic is about physical insecurities.… Continue reading Everybody is beautiful!

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Blaming the Labels.

Hello everyone, Today's blog post is about blaming things on labels. Mostly everything needs to be labeled and labels help us to identify what we are looking for among the crowd. We all enjoy labeling things, don't we? Even I do, but is it important to label it or blame it? I have suffered from… Continue reading Blaming the Labels.

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Hello Lovelies, Hope you all are doing well. So lately I've gotten a lot of calls/messages from my friends and acquaintances asking me whether I am okay or what's wrong with me. It goes something like this: What happened? How did you became so depressed? You had a perfect life. You are depressed??? Last time… Continue reading Answers.

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Bathmophobia – The Fear of Stairs

Dear All, Today's blog post is about my fear of Stairs. So this all started when I was going through a really bad phase of my life. I was dealing with depression and anxiety issues. Were having panic attacks. My fear actually started 3 years ago. I was really sick and had my semester exams… Continue reading Bathmophobia – The Fear of Stairs

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I am no longer…

"I am no longer..." I am really happy to share that I no longer get depressed from things those used to haunt me. I no longer feel threatened by people. I no longer allow my anxiety to make me sad. I no longer let my anger make wrong decisions. I no longer cry for stupid… Continue reading I am no longer…

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Love Yourself As You Are !

"Your teeth are not aligned properly, it looks so ugly, you look so ugly" Those were the words one of my close relatives said to me. Indeed, my teeth are not aligned, but it wasn't a problem until one day she said those words to me. She always made and still makes me feel like I am… Continue reading Love Yourself As You Are !